Posting, like math, is hard.

Well not really, but I think I'm imbuing this whole posting thing with too much importance. So than I worry about whether I should, or shouldn't make a post. I know, me worry? That's unpossible! Uh hunh.

So my random thoughts of the day, should have gardened, but once again, just slothed it up on the interwebz instead. But I will make myself do it tomorrow by doing it right after work. That might do the trick. I don't know why I've been such a loser with my garden this year. I'm usually excellent at it, but this year? I was a bad plant mommy.

In other thoughts, don't care that Michael Jackson is dead. Sorry. I thought he was probably guilty and he was at the least, really creepy and odd. And his music has sucked for years now. Not to mention I was pissed it took away media attention from Sanford and how he and people like Ensign, Vitter and Craig highlight the hypocrisy of the "Family Values," fueled Republican party. As well as it took valuable media attention from Iran and the ongoing situation there. Yes, the media should be able to cover more than one thing at once, but this is the current media we're talking about, they're like crows. "Oh shiny!" and on to the next thing. 

Oh and lastly about Michael Jackson, will always hate his greedy ass for outbidding the remaining Beatles so that they could own their music again after getting screwed out of it for years. And that he than had to sell half of it to Sony, because he was such an idiot with money. So now Sony (who suck) get money everytime those Beatles songs are played. Not to mention that they and Michael when he was alive, didn't mind selling their songs for stupid ass commerical purposes. Way to go King of Pop! Brilliantly played.

Oh and I caved about Twitter, at least in joining it. I still haven't made a Tweet, or whatever they're called. I'm much too wordy for 140 characters.


So, finally joined something like livejournal. Well at least it wasn't Twitter!

I mean, it could be worse and much more useless.

Well my page looks pretty darn generic, except for the grooviness of The Gobbler picture in the corner keeping it real! Really what, I'm not sure, but it still warms the cockles of my cynical heart. Of course I could work on customizing this page and making look all purty like, but operative word there is "work," so probably not going to happen. Ah, laziness and procrastination, how I love you.

Well enough self indulgent ramblings. First post is offically done and done.